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When used correctly, email marketing can do some amazing things, like generate $0.11 of revenue per email sent and grow your customer and leads database at a rapid pace. 

Our friends over at EveryCloud put togther an infographic – The Giant Email Marketing Statistics Guide, which includes 40 email marketing statistics that will change the way you do business. You can use this data right now to enhance your campaign efforts and reap all the benefits that email marketing has to offer.

Brand Interaction

1. U.S. email subscribers receive 88 billion business emails per day.

2. The average consumer interacts with 11 brands on a daily basis.

How Emails are Being Opened

3. Desktop accounts for 62% of all opened emails.

4. Mobile (phone and tablet) account for the other 38% of opened emails.

5. 23% of subscribers will open their email on a phone, and 16% will open on a tablet.

Email Marketing Performance

6. 97% of businesses are using email marketing to increases sales.

7. 3 out of 4 subscribers eventually make a purchase from an email

8. 34% of emails go to the dreaded spam folder.

9. Emails are deleted and unsubscribed from because nearly 70% of subscribers believe the messages aren't relevant or they receive too many.

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Use Automation to Your Advantage

10. Half of top performing companies use email marketing automation to their advantage. 

Optimize for the Bottom Line

11. Trigger based programs increase revenue by 50%.

12. Audience optimization leads to a 14% increase in sales.

13. 36% of revenues are driven by targeted email specific segments.

14. Businesses can see an additional 22% in revenue if they target additional segments from existing ones.

Understand Your Customers

15. 52% of customers won't do anything after receiving a business email.

Improving Your CTR

16. Personalize the messages you send: they account for a 10% increase in conversions.

17. Email on Saturday: Emails received on Saturday have the highest CTR at 9%.

18. The early worm catches the business: 6AM has the highest CTR of any hour.

Awesome ROI

19. Email marketing generates $0.11 per email sent.

20. 77% of ROI comes from targeted, segmented, and triggered campaigns.

Mobile First

21. If an email doesn't render well on a mobile device, it will be immediately deleted by 70% of consumers.

22. One out of four consumers open an email on a mobile device as second time.

23. 33% of clicks come from a mobile device.

When is the Best Time to Send an Email?

24. Mon, Tuesday, Thursday plus a combination of Saturday and Sunday.

Crafting Winning Subject Lines

25. Include the name of the company.

26. Specifically state what the email is about.

Structuring Promotions That Convert

27. 72% of consumers want promotional content through email.

Creating Conversions

28. 66% of consumers will make a purchase if they receive an email marketing message.

Don't Use These Spam Triggers in a Subject Line

29. "Percent Off"

30. "Clearance"

31. "Claim"

The Do’s and Don’ts for Conversion Optimization

32. Do: Segment your email marketing campaign. You'll see a 14.4% increase in open rates.

33. Don't: Forget to put the company name in the subject line. 43% of consumers send these emails right to the spam folder.

34. Do: Create a series of triggered email messages if you want 71% higher open rates and 102% higher click rates.

What the Experts Are Saying About the Next Five Years

35. 53% expect an increase in email automation.

36. 76% expect the increase of personalization.

What Consumers Want from Email

37. No Spammy subject lines or offers.

38. Personalization.

39. Easy to view in a mobile browser.

40. Not too many and not all the time.

All of these email marketing statistics point to one, simple fact: no matter how big a list becomes, or how many segments are in your database, customers want to feel like they are directly interacting with your brand. Use this knowledge to create campaigns customers love and realize the unlimited potential of email marketing. 
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