What Are the Most Important Parts of an Email Campaign?


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Understanding the most important parts of an email campaign is critical to any email marketer, so where should you focus most of your energy when creating an email campaign? Do you spend hours writing the perfect subject line or do you focus more on the actual content? Do you carefully choose who’s going to get the offer and how to segment your lists?

A good email marketer should have responded “yes” to each of those questions. A well-rounded and balanced email campaign means ensuring that everything from the subject line to the content is perfectly crafted. The subject line is what reels people in and the content is what sells your product, so both must be well-written.

Start With Who the Email is For

To craft the perfect sales message, you need to be able to zero in on the client’s pain points and show them how your product can help them to overcome these. This means finding a way of sorting your subscriber list so that you group subscribers with similar needs together instead of just sending out one generic email.

A Simple Trick to Immediately Improve Click Through Rates (CTR)

One great way of increasing the odds of your email being opened is to include the person’s name in the subject line. Almost every single company uses the subscriber’s name in the greeting, but few use it in the subject, so it’s an easy way to make an impact.

Now Think About the Body of the Email

Once you have the subject line done and perfected, it’s time to move forward with the actual content itself. It’s a good idea to keep your content brief and to the point, as you want to get the main selling points across to pique interest without boring your subscriber with an overload of text.

That way, if they’re not interested in the offer, they won’t feel as though a lot of their time has been wasted, and they retain a favorable impression of your company.

Larger companies have recently been experimenting with interactive emails – that is, emails that display more visual content or a video when you hover over a certain area of text. This saves the client time because they can easily scan the email and can decide if they want to learn more.

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