Webinar: Writing Tips to Improve Email Responses


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Which is more important – a great subject line, or a fantastic graphic design and witty content?  Will having more links in your email increase your email response rate, or decrease it?  We'll explain in this 'Email Writing Tips' webinar .

Based on analysis of 100's of millions of emails and thousands of email campaigns that have recently been sent through Pinpointe's cloud-based email marketing platform, we'll cover specific copywriting tips that will help you to improve email response rates.  First, we'll break the email down into sections, including the subject, send-from, introduction, body and signature.  Then we'll cover email writing tips for each section to explain what you can do to maximize responses.

Join us in this 50 minute on-demand Webinar, where we cover:

  • The Top 9 Best / Worst Performing Email Subjects
  • What content should all good emails have in common?
  • Optimizing your Subject Line
  • Embedded Link analysis – how to optimize links in your email

The accompanying slides and Q and A summary are below… And hey, please share!

Writing Tips to Improve Email Delivery Rates (Slides)   Download Slide Deck: "Writing Tips to Improve Email Response
Rates" (.pdf format)

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