Webinar - Use Split Testing to Improve Email Responses


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This is our third in a series of webinars for your business email marketing.

Based on analysis of thousands of Business to Business email campaigns and a few hundred million emails that have been sent through Pinpointe's B2B email marketing platform, we share results of several email split tests to help you improve your email marketing results in a business to business ("B2B") environment.

Join us in this interactive webinar session that includes question and answer sessions throuhhout. Topics covered include:

  • Which is better: Sending from a person or from your company address?
  • Can you lift response rates using personalization?
  • What does subject line length have to do with response rates?

The accompanying slides and Q and A summary are below… And hey, please Diggit, Fave or Tweet about it!

Webinar - Split Testing   Download Slide Deck: "Using Split Testing to Improve Email Results – Case Studies" (.pdf format)"  

Split testing - use split tests to improve email marketing results.  Download slides.

  Split Testing Questions and Answers (whitepaper).  We've summarized 6 pages of Questions and Answers that were asked during the event.  Download now (.pdf)  

If you missed our FIRST Webinar – you can find it here – 'Email Marketing 101 – Tips to Improve Email Response Rates.'

If you're interested in more advanced topics – check out Email Marketing 201 Webinar (aka "How a SPAM Firewall Works") where we take it up a notch and explain in detail, the end-to-end trials and tribulations of an email message as it flows from your outbox to (hopefully) the recipients inbox. This webinar is more technical and 'deeper' than our previous webinars.



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