ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Why Your Email Campaigns Aren't Getting the Responses You Desire


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Learn What You're Doing Wrong and How to Fix It

You’re sending great marketing emails, but you’re still experiencing declining open rates, low click-through rates, unsubscribes, and minimal list growth. The truth is, there’s a lot of inbox competition for email marketers, so it’s no surprise that many marketers are not seeing the responses from their email campaigns.

email campaign response rates

In this on-demand event, Pinpointe and marketing content creator Lisa Furgison McEwen, look at problems many companies make when building and sending campaigns, including: 

  • Email frequency
  • Selling a product vs. solving a problem
  • Call to action blunders
  • Campaign landing page mistakes
  • And more…

View this webinar & slide deck to learn what you can do to see the campaign results you want. Lisa also shares plenty of examples along with tips and fixes.


Lisa Furgison McEwen

Content Creator/Owner, McEwen's Media

Lisa Furgison McEwen