ON-WEBINAR | How to Crush the Competition with Content Marketing In 2018


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Stop producing content like it’s 2015.

A lot has changed since then. Google has evolved quite a bit and people’s expectations are also more sophisticated.

In this on-demand event, sought-after speaker and Internet marketing strategist, Antoine Dupont, provides an in-depth analysis of the landscape of content marketing and how to make it work for your organization. Discover what doesn’t work anymore and what’s working and producing results (a.k.a.: making the phone ring).

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After viewing the webinar, you’ll have a good understanding of:

  • How to create content people want to read

  • 3 killer ways to promote your content

  • And more +++

Plus, you’ll view several case studies and the actual results produced.

View the webinar & slides today and start producing content that gets results!


Antoine Dupont
Public Speaker and CEO
Katapult Marketing

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