5 Ways to Create a Successful Email Marketing Drip Campaign [On-Demand Webinar]


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Did you know that drip campaign open rates are about 80% higher than single campaign sends?

And, the average click through rate is 3x higher on drip campaigns when compared to single campaign sends.*

If you are not currently using drip email marketing, or just need a refresher on how to develop a successful drip strategy and measure its success, don't miss this exclusive on-demand event.

Learn the top five things you need to do to develop a successful, profitable drip marketing campaign. 

Jeanne Jennings – one of the World’s Top 50 Email Marketing Influencers (Cision), will show you what elements to include and how test to boost performance in your next drip marketing campaign. Plus she'll include real data and examples.

view webinar-5 ways to create a successful drip campaign

She'll also show you how to:

  • Effectively identify and evaluate drip opportunities – so you can choose the one(s) that will have the most impact on your bottom line
  • Strategically determine the right frequency and cadence for your program – so you are working in sync with the customer journey
  • Expertly craft a plan for your drip campaign, including a flow chart, data brief and performance projections – so you can execute with ease
  • Successfully track and report on the metrics that matter across the entire campaign – and identify areas for potential improvement
  • Efficiently ‘clone’ successful campaigns for use with other target audience segments or other products – so that you can truly get the maximum benefit from your time spent

Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire the tools you need to make your future drip marketing programs a huge success. 


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About the Presenter: Jeannne Jennings

Jeanne Jennings is a recognized expert in the email marketing world. Along with being a sought-after speaker and author, recent industry accolades include being named one of:

She is also Managing Director, Digital Marketing for Digital Prism Advisors, an advisory firm that helps medium- to enterprise-sized organizations transform their business strategy, data practices and technology to thrive in the digital age.

Jeanne has over 20 years of experience in the email and online marketing and product development world; she began her career with CompuServe’s Business Services Group in the late 1980s. For more details, visit her blog.