On-Demand Webinar | 27 Design & Content Tips for Creating Clickable Email Campaigns


Table of Contents

A successful email campaign incorporates a variety of elements that work together – from layout and design to content and call to action(s).

In this on-demand event, Pinpointe and award-winning marketer and email marketing specialist – Eryn Branham – show you how to create stunning email campaigns that get read and clicked.


During the webinar, Eryn covers:

  • The Top 5 Recent Trends – Includes lots of examples
  • Content Tips – Message, text length, hierarchy, and identity
  • Design Tips – Layout, branding, colors, images, and fonts
  • Before and After Email Campaigns 

View the webinar & slides and gain the knowledge to create professional-looking email campaigns that get clicked.

This on-demand webinar is useful for all email marketers – beginner to advanced.



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