ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | 11 Strategies to Grow Your Business with Email & Social Media


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As a marketer, your goal is to find, nurture and retain customers, and they are no longer making buying decisions based on information from a single marketing channel. 

Your customers are surfing their social networks and reading your emails, so it’s critical to create a cross-platform digital strategy that connects you to your audience while sharing relevant information. Using social media combined with email marketing will amplify your efforts, but how do you do this effectively?

In this on-demand event, Pinpointe and sought-after marketing speaker, Michael Barber explains how to successfully merge your email marketing and social media strategies. Michael covers useful tips on how to leverage each tactic individually and together, and discuss how to effectively reach your target audience through both tactics. 

After watching this session, you'll be able to:

  • Grow your email subscription list
  • Leverage email for customer acquisition and retention
  • Target current and prospective customers outside of the inbox
  • Engage brand advocates via social media
  • Understand how email and social media work together
  • And more…

Watch this webinar & download the slide deck to learn what you can do to see the campaign results you want. Lisa will share plenty of examples and share her tips and fixes.


Michael Barber
Founder, barber&hewitt

Michael Barber