Delight your Subscribers with the Top Email Design Trends for 2019 [includes infographic]


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Despite being assumed as a soon-to-be-dead marketing channel, email marketing has continued to be the supreme marketing channel and includes some awesome new email design trends. With technologies like gamification, dynamic content, and CSS-based animations, there is an immense scope of innovation in the field of email marketing.

2019 paves new avenues for awe-inspiring email design that will delight the subscribers and add freshness to their inbox.

Let’s take a look at the top email design trends to look forward to in 2019:

  1. APNG in emails

APNG format, just like GIFs, offers support to animated images. This format helps to produce superior quality animations, as it supports 24-bit colors and 8-bit alpha transparency. It is expected to replace GIFs in emails due to its flawless presentation and visual appeal.

  1. Accessible emails

Through accessible emails, it has become possible for everyone in your subscriber list to properly view your emails. Accessible emails help to build more readable, usable, and logical content for specially-abled individual, so they can understand the message conveyed in the email.

  1. Gamification in emails

Gamification is exactly how it sounds. Marketers can now incorporate games subscribers can play and get exciting rewards in return. The principle of gamification in emails has enhanced subscriber engagement to a great extent. Sounds amazing, right?

  1. Defamiliarizing your email personality

Generally, the email layout is comprised of a header image, brief email copy, relevant imagery, and email footer. Marketers will try to break the monotony and give a shot to asymmetrical layout in emails with the help of broken grids. This approach has been taken by web designers for quite some time and email marketers have welcomed it with the same warmth.

  1. Custom illustrations in emails

To enhance the visual impact of emails, custom illustrations were introduced. When you want to promote a service, you can illustrative images so emails can be more informative and easily comprehensible.

Are you looking for more information on the hottest email design trends for 2019?

Have a look at the insightful infographic below created by EmailMonks.

Top 8 Email Design Trends To Follow In 2019Source: Top 8 Email Design Trends To Follow In 2019

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