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Email marketing has been around for some time now. It’s not the easiest area to tap into, but it is where everyone is spending their time. This makes email marketing very important to the success of your business. Knowing the nature of email marketing, a few characteristics are a necessity to be successful in your email marketing efforts.

  • Marketing can be hit or miss, so having a “can-do” attitude is a must. You can’t let little failures get you down. Try, try again while adapting messages along the way. 

  • Creativity is essential in creating attention-grabbing email messages. You know, the ones that make the reader stop to think, “that’s clever.” 

  • Marketing is psychological, so having a keen sense of empathy is important to knowing people and how they may or may not react. People often act on their emotions and if you can tap into that, you have a better chance at increasing conversation rates for your email marketing. 

  • Marketing involves many details and moving parts, so organization and proper planning are key to making those details and moving parts work together!

With these characteristics in mind, let’s have a look at a successful email marketer’s day from start to finish!

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The Day of a Successful Email Marketer 

Ring a ling a ling! The alarm clock sounds off and the successful email marketer is ready to start the day. Having laid out clothes the day before, she is in the car 10 minutes early. Why not reward herself with a Vanilla Latte? After chumming it up with the barista, the successful email marketer takes her coffee to go and gets to work right on time. 

First things is first, caffeinated and energized, she tackles creative content creation that aligns with her email marketing goals. How many goals is that, you ask? Well, by leveraging a drip marketing email system, the successful email marketer sends out at least two communications a day that each have follow up messages scheduled if the recipient clicks on certain links within the email. Morning is the best time for the successful marketer to be creative because she hasn’t opened her email yet and isn’t distracted by various other tasks on her list.   

Once she has a couple messages she can work with, she runs it by your colleague for a second set of eyes to catch any typos. In that process, she opens her email to start personal correspondence.  

Oh goodie, she has had 8 responses from her latest email marketing messages. She reads them thoroughly and assigns each of them to the appropriate sales representative. There is one that she answers on her own as it relates to how on-point her message was. There’s nothing like a little pat on the back for her efforts! 

Then it’s off to her email management system to analyze marketing metrics and see who, if any, unsubscribed from her contact lists. There were a few this time, but that doesn’t discourage our successful email marketer.

She gets to work analyzing what was different in this particular message that may have rubbed readers the wrong way. For the next campaign, she makes a note to add another testing variable to see which message is received best. A/B testing is a start, but this successful email marketer takes it further with split and multi-variant testing. Try, try again, that’s what she always says. 

For lunch, the successful email marketer heats up her leftovers from last night and chats with her colleagues in the break room. It’s a great time to get a sense of what is happening in everyone’s day, often picking the sales people’s brains for marketing topics that could make for good blogs or newsletter articles.  

The afternoon is filled with more marketing campaign tasks and details as well as social media checkups along the way, making sure all of the online marketing is in sync.  

It's Not All About Email

Email marketing doesn’t take up her entire day, but it does play a major role throughout. Four things that take optimum priority at some point are:

  1. Analyzing Essential Marketing Metrics: This can get overwhelming with the high volume of metrics out there today, but our successful email marketer focuses on the stats that actually affect her company’s bottom line. Number of opened emails and link clicks are all well and good, but tracking conversions is where it’s at.

    Successful Email Marketer-analyticsA snapshot of Pinpointe's Statistics screen 

    The successful email marketer has created a number of specific landing pages that correlate with her email marketing campaigns so she can see what clicks are generating into sales. She doesn’t just look at the number, she uses an intuitive heat map to see if people click on text links or an image. She doesn’t spend a ton of time reporting on the metrics for her campaigns, but she does put that analysis to good and prompt use, adapting her marketing as she goes.  

  2. Managing Subscribers: Depending on how many contacts you manage, this can also be an overwhelming task. The successful email marketer simplifies this process by always using tags and differentiating characteristics. She separates lists for monthly newsletters, existing customers, customers with special interests and more so that she can tailor messages perfectly for her audience. 

    Successful Email Marketer-lists
    A snapshot of Pinpointe's Lists screen 

    She doesn’t waste time on worrying about duplicates either. The technology she uses automatically de-dupes names across all email subscriber lists before sending her emails. 

  3. Social Media Checkups: Social media is another way that the successful email marketer improves her email campaigns. Sometimes she encourages social media engagement through hashtags or contests. Other times, she heavily promotes subscription to her email list on social media by speaking to exact pain points of her target audience. No matter what, she treats social media as a way of life instead of an additional task. Social media and email marketing go hand in hand to create a more effective online presence. 

    Successful Email Marketer-social
    A snapshot of Pinpointe's Social – Twitter Activity screen 

  4. Improving Response Rates: Whether it’s through behavioral targeting or unique email design, the end goal of improving response rates is always on the successful email marketer’s mind. She takes 30 minutes to an hour each day to analyze how to make her messages more relevant, essential to her subscriber’s day, and how to improve the deliverability of her messages. While analyzing essential marketing metrics is key for this, she also makes a point to step back and look at the big picture once in a while. It’s easy to get pulled into the minute details and lose track of the end-goals. Knowing this, the successful email marketer can stay on track even when multiple email campaigns are running at the same time. 

Successful Email Marketer Big Picture

Bringing It All Together

As you can see, a can-do attitude, creativity, empathy, and organization skills can go a long way to achieving success in your marketing efforts. But a successful email marketer must also have their marketing email tools in check. When that’s the case, it can be easier, more effective, and a very satisfying career for a marketing professional.   

Check out the functionality available to email marketers when leveraging Pinpointe. It could be the start to a very successful email marketing future!

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