Release 29 Highlights: Updated Email Builder Features


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Pinpointe is excited to announce a new system update, Release 29, which makes creating beautiful emails easier. The main goal of this update is to streamline the email creation process, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.  

Check out the video to see what kind of changes we’ve made to our email builder:

Getting Acquainted with Pinpointe's Toolbox from Pinpointe on Vimeo.

Here's a look at some of the specific updates Pinpointe's new email builder offers:

Enhanced visibility on email canvas

Pinpointe’s new email builder provides a more intuitive email canvas so marketers can create emails and make changes instantly.

Users will now see highlighted areas when they hover over or click on different pieces of the email. In other words, you’ll know exactly where you’re working.

Let’s say you want to make changes to the module below. Just click on it to make changes. When you hover over it, you’ll see a striped box appear like this:  

This enhanced visibility gives users more control and saves time during the creation process.

Powerful undo / redo feature

When you're designing an email, you like to experiment. Try a text box here, change the font there. It's the best way to create an email. Pinpointe's new builder has an improved undo feature.

If you don't like a change you've made, just hit the undo button. You can undo as many actions as you want, just as you would in a word document. You can redo something too. You can undo or redo an entire edit session.

The undo/redo buttons sit on top of the email canvas, where the red circle is in the picture below.  When you want to make changes to a specific element, like a picture or text box, just click on it and make the changes you want. 

Using the undo feature in Pinpointe's new email builder

Insert video with ease

Adding video is a great way to engage customers. Now, adding a video to your email is simple. Using Pinpointe's drag-and-drop editor, you simply drag a video widget to your email canvas and add a link. The email builder pulls the video in instantly and generates a thumbnail to display.

Give your video a customized look by selecting from a variety of different play buttons as well.

Here’s what inserting a video looks like in the new builder:

Adding a video in Pinpointe

Need a little help creating and sending a video via email? Check out our previous article, “Video in Email: Everything You Need to Know.”

Drive better social results

Being able to shuttle subscribers to your Facebook or Twitter account has become vital to every email, and Pinpointe users can now drive more social traffic and get better social media results.

Users can link to any social account, select the order in which social icons appear, and decide whether subscribers visit, follow or share their social sites.

Pinpointes new social options

Better control with global / module / block styles

Pinpointe customers now have more control over the email creation process. You can now make changes to your email template at varying levels.

You can make whole-scale changes to an email using Global Styles. A change to the text color here, for example, changes the text color throughout the email.

You can also make changes to specific modules of content. Simply scroll over the module and use the tools that appear on the right and left side, like you see in the image below. 


Pinpointe's new email builder

When you want to make changes to a specific element, like a picture or text box, just click on it and make the changes you want.

Select from more fonts

Pinpointe's new builder now offers additional font choices as well. Now, you can make different sections of your email really stand out by selecting various fonts for each text block, header or footer.

Pinpointe's new list of fonts

Previous version still available

If you don’t like to embrace change, don’t worry. Pinpointe keeps a history of previous versions that you can access. Look for them under the ‘Help Videos.’

Pinpointe previous versions

Help is a click away

Pinpointe has a library of help videos that can give marketers the tools and explanation needed to create stunning emails efficiently. If you need assistance, just click on the Help Videos on the toolbar to the left.

Pinpointe help videos

We hope you enjoy the updates we’ve made to the email editor and encourage you to try them out for yourself.