Pinpointe Named in List - 40 Best Email Marketing Blogs That Really Know Their Stuff in 2019


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Here at Pinpointe, we believe it is important to educate and inform marketers on ways they can be more successful in the industry. One way we do this is through our email marketing blog, which covers topics related to everything from email marketing best practices to strategy and online marketing tips. We also post all of our upcoming and on-demand marketing webinars along with recent marketing infographics from some of our partner companies like Email Monks. We take great pride in the content we share with our customers and blog visitors and are honored that one company took notice.

Recently, Chinabrands placed Pinpointe’s blog at the top of their list –  40 Best Email Marketing Blogs That Really Know Their Stuff in 2019. The list is comprised of insightful and practical email marketing blogs that help both new and experienced marketers with articles around tools, tips, and advanced email marketing techniques. 

If you are looking to get more educated on email marketing, we encourage you to check out Chinabrand’s top 40 list.

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