On-Demand Webinar with Bob Bly |How To Write & Design Landing Pages That Increase Conversion Rates, Orders and Sales


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Want to double or triple conversion rates, leads, and online sales? 

We’ll show you how in a free on-demand webinar presented by Bob Bly. 

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One of the most common mistakes companies make in their online lead generation strategy is NOT using landing pages. Landing pages are critical for the success of any lead generation strategy; yet, a large percentage of companies still do not use them or are not using them successfully. 

Through this on-demand webinar, Pinpopinte is offering you an exclusive opportunity to learn from expert online marketing strategist, Bob Bly, to create a well-designed landing page that can double or triple conversion rates, leads, and sales. 

Bob breaks down the crucial elements of a successful landing page – from content to content placement – and covers other significant factors you must consider when creating and promoting your landing pages. 

A Glimpse of What You Will Learn: 

  • How to create instant credibility 
  • Landing page “hot spots” where testing different elements will maximize conversion rates 
  • What content increases landing page readership and response 
  • And more 

Plus You Will Recieve:

  • Slide deck
  • Bob Bly's free "Top 10 Tips for Increasing Landing Page Conversion Rates"
  • Bonus ebook from Bob Bly

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