New Pinpointe Updates and Features (Version 4 - Nov. 2014)


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Updated 10/20/2014

Our newest Pinpointe release (v4 – Nov. 2014) adds many new Pinpointe updates, features, enhancements, and improved email delivery! 

The full list is included below.

Pinpointe updates in v4 include two major new features that have been re-designed – both impact all customers.

1) The Unsubscribe Process & Features

Based on extensive research in the efforts to improve campaign results and subscriber retention rates, the unsubscribe process has been modified. >>LEARN MORE

Q&A-Unsubscribe Feature

2)  Forms 

Pinpointe forms have been enhanced to provide you with a lot more flexibility when creating customer preference centers and subscription sign up forms, which can be added to your website.

Other updates include…

List Features / Enhancements

Added “List Description” Fields

Each list now has a ‘List Description’ field.  The description fields are displayed on ‘Modify Details’ and ‘Unsubscribe’ forms for subscribers.
List descriptions should be added to all of your lists, or at least the most important ones.

View Contact Lists Displays –  Total / Bounced / Unsubscribed

When viewing the Contact Lists, the display now tells you how many Total, Bounced and Unsubscribed contacts are in your lists (databases) combined.

Improvements to Import Files (CSV)

Importing files and records now works faster and is more ‘forgiving’ when a record is missing fields or information. Previously, if several rows were missing fields or if the last column of a CSV file was empty, then the records would not import correctly. 

Contact Address / Phone / Company Name Are Required for Lists

In order to improve CAN-SPAM compliance, a valid company name / phone and address are now required when you edit / create a contact list (database of your contacts).

Send Subscribe / Unsubscribe Alerts to Multiple Contacts

For each list, you can now enter up to 5 addresses (separated by a comma) where list alerts can be sent. These are sent when a contacts subscribes or unsubscribes from a list. The values are set for each list by going to: Contact Lists -> View Contact Lists -> [Edit list]

Updated Segment Logic

Segment logic performance has been improved and segment selection options have been added, which include the ability to select / de-select based on whether automated emails have been opened / not opened or clicked / not clicked.

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Statistics / Reporting

Enhanced Export Campaign Summary Statistics

When exporting campaign summary statistics (Campaigns -> View Statistics -> Select campaigns then Export), the export now includes several additional statistics and campaign metrics.

View Campaigns and View Lists Now have Subfolders

You can now enable a ‘folders view’ for Campaigns and Lists.  Drag and drop lists or campaigns to easily organize your campaigns and lists / databases into folders. Simply click on the folder icon next to ‘Choose an Action’ to enable.

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Automated Emails – Enhancements

Autoresponders / Triggers: Opens/Clicks/Complaints to Statistics View Added

When viewing the campaign statistics summary for automated emails (‘autoresponders’), the statistics screen now includes the full summary of Opens / Clicks / Complaints / Unsubscribes / Bounces in the Screen Statistics -> Automated Email Statistics




Autoresponder Filters Now Filter Each Automated Email Using Full Segment Logic

This is a powerful new feature, which now allows you to filter each email in an automated email sequence, using full segment selection criteria. 

Any automated email in the sequence can be now be filtered based on custom fields, and/or behavioral information.  

For example, you may now send an initial email after 3 days, then send another only if the previous autoresponder was not opened and if subscribe's custom field called ‘Status’ equals 'Trial.'

Fixed ‘Automated Emails always Displays Delay in Hours’ once saved:

Previously, when an automated email was set to send 'X' amount of days after a signup, the ‘Send Options’ always displayed in hours.  This now properly displays in days.

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Split Test Enhancements

Split Test: Added the Option to Include Google Analytics Tracking at Send Time

Previously Google Analytics was not an option when sending split tests.  Google Analytics can now be enabled properly when split tests are sent.

When you send an email campaign now included is an option to enable Google Analytics tracking (which adds the following Google Analytics variables to any link-

  • utm_campaign=Campaign_ID
  • utm_source=List_or_segment_name
  • utm_medium=email

Split Tests: Fix Issued – Editing a Schedule

Previously, editing a scheduled split test caused the split test scheduled to disappear from the queue and sometimes, the campaign would send immediately instead. This has been corrected.

New ‘Export Statistics’ Button Exports Complete Split Test Statistics

You can now export the summary and detailed statistics form all variations of a split test in a single click. Previously , the user had to go into each split test variation to export the results.

Statistics can be exported from the menu: Statistics -> View Split Test Statistics

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Miscellaneous Improvements and Enhancements

Major Performance Improvements

Previously there were several display screens that performed very slowly, especially if there was a lot of information to display. The screens impacted were:

  • View Lists
  • View Campaign Queue
  • View Statistics

These screens have been sped up substantially and now display within a second or two even when there are several thousand rows to display.

Changes in Email Headers to Improve Delivery / Gmail Compliance

We have made numerous changes to the email headers to improve our ability to track (and remove) spammers, and to improver inbox placement. In particular, changes were made to comply with Google’s updated header settings. Many customers are now seeing 100% Gmail inbox placement!

Updates to the SPAM Checker

The SPAM Checker must now run on any campaign when saved.  This helps to reduce the spam score and improve customer’s campaign results. In addition we have updated several ‘SPAM check’ rules to reflect the current spamassassin content check engine.

Ability to Include Attachments in Forms -> Send Thank You Email 

When you create a form and select the option to send a ‘Thank You’ email, this email can now include an attachment (for example a .pdf document).  Previously this email did not allow sending an attachment.

This is especially helpful for example, when a prospect or customer fills in a submission form to download whitepaper and you want to send a follow-up email with the whitepaper attached.

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Bug Fixes / Issues Resolved

Fixed Date Display on Screen, Export (Various Places)

Previously some date fields were inconsistently displayed in Euro format when viewed or exported, while others were in US format. All dates are now displayed / imported / exported in the format: dd/mm/yyyy (US format).

NOTE: This only changes when displaying dates and when importing.  It does not change the current internal date structure (ie, your current data has not been changed.)

Statistics -> View Statistics [Select campaign] View Opens (was empty)

This statistic previously displayed an empty list.  Correct results are now displayed.

Also if you sorted these results to sort by email address, no data was displayed.  This also has been corrected.

Bounces Were Displayed in GMT Time

All bounces now properly display in the user’s local time zone.

View a Segments -> View Contacts  -> Sort on custom Field was null

If you viewed a list of contacts from the Segments screen, and then sorted the results based on a displayed custom field, zero results would then be displayed. This has been corrected and displays the contacts.

Upload a File or Import From Website Did not Work

This has been corrected. You can now properly import an HTML file by selecting a local file to upload, or import an html file from a website.

Exporting Statistics or Contacts w/Firefox or Safari – Displayed to Screen

Previously these export functions would display the results to the screen instead of exporting to a CSV file.  This has been corrected.

Complex Segments – Hung on Display or Did Not Send

We have fixed various segment glitches that occurred occasionally on complex and very large segments (1 Million+ contacts typically, or where 5-10 selection criteria were used.)

Pinpointe continues to improve our email marketing and automation solution. For any questions or suggestions, please contact Pinpointe support at