New Features - Pinpointe v3 Enhances Automated Emails


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We've been busy adding a lot of updates and enhancements to Pinpointe to improve ease of use and extend functionality, particularly with autoreaponsers and triggers (now called 'Automated Emails' in Pinpointe.)  

Here's a rundown of the new features and enhancements.

We'll be adding new responsive / mobile friendly email templates shortly too! 

Simplify ‘View Autoresponders’ Display

The interface to display and interact with Automated Emails have been substantially updated.  You can now:

  •  View all autoresponders at once vs. having to click on each list
  •  Create autoresponders directly by clicking on a list
  •  See a summary of campaign results for each autoresponder
  •  Much more…

AUTORESPONDER –   Enhancements

  • Create Autoresponder -> Remove the 'My First-Name / Last Name Custom Field is…' from the configuration menu.  These values are not used.
  • Create Autoresponder: Under 'Advanced Options' – add 'Google Analytics' tracking option.  The option  is also enabled by default.   
  • Correctly Inserts 'unsubscribe link' function if campaign does not include an unsubscribe link
  • Autoresponder – Display 'Sent' in days when hours >24.   
  • Autoresponder: Automatically add the prefix "AR-" to all autoresponder names when they are saved (and in all reporting), so that they are easily identified as an autoresponder vs. a campaign.  Note – the ‘AR-‘ prefix is not user-editable.
  • Added Autoresponders to the Filter Criteria -> ‘Opened / Clicked’ filter – add Autoresponders to the selection list. In many cases you want to send an autoresponder at xx hours if someone OPENED / DID NOT` OPEN a previous autoresponder or clicked on an autoresponder link but the selection criteria only allowed you to select CAMPAIGNS.  You can now select based on autoresponder activity.
  • Contact Lists -> Create Segment:  Added Autoresponders to the list of possible campaigns that can be selected for ‘Opened / Clicked (or not opened / not clicked)’.  Previously, when creating a segment, you were only permitted to select behavioral actions (opened/clicked) for email campaigns.  You can now create segments based on behavioral actions in autoresponders.
  • When creating a campaign, you can now start by copying a previous autoresponder vs. starting from scratch.
  • Google Analytics Tracking available for Autoresponders. Previously, we did not have the option to enable Google Analytics tracking for autoresponders or triggers.  This option is now available for autoresponders.
  • Autoresponder Results.  The Autoresponder statistics -> Send Results screen now displays the send status for each autoresponder that was scheduled to send (i.e. displays ‘Sent’ or Failed, with reason).

Trigger Campaigns

  • Trigger campaigns now work properly.  In earlier releases, the trigger campaigns that were created did not operate properly.
  • Google Analytics Tracking available for triggers. Previously, we did not have the option to enable Google Analytics tracking for triggers.  This option is now available for triggers.

Create Email Campaign – Template Selector

  • When creating an email campaign we now have added an intuitive and flexible template selector, which allows you to easily view all templates and select one.  This will also allow for easily selecting multiple color variants and in the future, new templates.

View Contact List – Displays Contact List Details

  • This display now includes the send-from, send-from text and List owner.

View Campaigns Screen now allows sorting on column ‘Last-Sent’

  • Previously you could not sort on this field.  A nicety.

Email Campaigns -> 'View Scheduled Email Queue' Details

  • This screen now displays each of the options that were set when a campaigns was scheduled.  If a campaign is scheduled to send in the future, any of the selected options can be edited / changed.  Previously there was not a way to verify or display all campaign options.

Selecting a Date when Creating Segment Corrected

  • Previously, if you wanted to select or input a date value when creating a segment, the menu, which was displayed, was garbled so it was not easy or possible to select the date.  This has been corrected.

SPAM Checker Not Required

  • Previously the SPAM checker was always run and if the spam score was above a threshold, the editor did not permit saving the content.  The SPAM checker is now optional but highly recommended.

Get-Text-Version / Create Text Version (Editor)

  • When creating an email campaign it is best to always create an HTML + Text version and send in MIME format.  When creating a campaign, the editor previously had an option to ‘Get Text Version from Editor’ to manually create a text version of your email. However this did not work correctly (produced ugly formatted text). 
  • Now, if a text version is not created by the user, we create a text version automatically form the html version. Also the user can explicitly create / update the text version and the text code created is formatted correctly.

Editor Only Checked 10 Images

  • The editor previously only verified the first 10 images and displayed a warning on saving, if more than 10 images were contained in the campaign. This has been corrected.

Image Manager – Allows Deleting Images

  • Images in the Image Manager (Email Campaigns -> Image Manager) are no longer read-only.  You can edit / delete images.  Caution not to delete images that are in active campaigns.

Action Delete Lists (pull-down menu) 

  • Previously you could not select multiple lists from the menu ‘Contact Lists -> View Contact Lists and then select ‘Delete’ from the pull-down menu. This now works.

NEW: Send On-Behalf Feature

  • With the addition of the global fields ‘send-from’, ‘reply-to’ and ‘send-from-text’ and our send-on-behalf feature, you can now programmatically send campaigns so that each individual email is send ‘on behalf’ of a contact.  That is – the send-from/reply-to can be set to a different value for each contact in a campaign.

Forms – Updating a Contact Record Now Permitted 

  • Previously, if a contact was in a list and then later tried to sign up to the list again via a form, an error was generated and the contact record was not updated. This was not good if you have one or more forms where users can sign up to a given list.  This has been corrected.  Now – if a contact is already in a list and then later submits a form to be added to the same list, the record is properly updated.  A new alert is sent and the record fields are all properly updated.  No error is generated.

API Methods Updated

  • For Enterprise Customers, the API has been substantially enhanced and includes many new methods, including the ability to create (push) a campaign via the API.  Refer to the updated API documentation for the updated API functoinality (you can contact your account manager for the latest copy)

Statistics -> Contact List Statistics 

  • Previously this statistics report did not always display correct data for a list. This report has been corrected.


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