Use RSS to Keep Email Subscribers Informed


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RSS (“Really Simple Syndication”) is an excellent tool to help you ‘push’ relevant content to subscribers who want to keep up with your latest blog entries.  For example you can subscribe to Pinpointe’s Blog RSS feed here.

Why should you care about RSS and how can you use it?

  • Keep you pulse on your market.  Say you stumble across a website or blog that’s interesting and relevant to you.  You can bookmark the site, and stumble back onto the site every now and then.  Or, you can subscribe to the site’s RSS feed and get the latest updates ‘pushed’ into your RSS reader, real-time.
  • Keep your customers / prospects informed.  Get ’em to subscribe to your RSS feeds and your blog entries and posts will pop out onto your RSS feed and into their reader inbox instantly.

Why use RSS AND Email Marketing?

Give your customers and prospects multiple ways to stay in touch with you.  Some people prefer email.  But many people may prefer to get your latest tips and updates via other channels – so use them.

RSS is a great complement to Email marketing.  Use RSS to make high value content available and develop a trust level with your prospects, but reserve some of your highest value content for subscribers only. After developing a rapport with prospects you’ll find that many will be willing to subscribe to your newsletters once you ‘prove’ your  content is worth registering for.

This short and funny video clip explains *exactly* how to subscribe to an RSS feed, like Pinpointe’s RSS feed.   It’s the best RSS overview we’ve run across on the net.  If you don’t know of RSS, take a moment to review this video by the Common Craft Show for an explanation of what it is and how to use it:


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