Emerging Email Marketing Trends to Survive 2019 & Beyond


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Interested in email marketing trends?

Today’s digital marketers can’t afford to ignore a powerful tool that is email marketing. The channel is far from dead; in fact, it allows marketers to combine old-school methods with new digital marketing techniques. Despite the inception of social media and other marketing platforms, email remains to be a valuable venue for businesses.

Email is the one and true channel where brands can build personal relationships with new and existing customers. Unlike social media networks, email lets marketers segment and target the right audience with personalized messages. Doing so can boost open rates, click-through-rates, generate leads, and increase conversion—only with a few emails.

Why do digital marketers love email marketing?

One of the reasons why marketers find email an essential tool is because it’s become a predominant part of people’s everyday lives. And it’s only set to get bigger in the coming years. People check their email inbox daily; around 78% of professionals even check it while in the bathroom.

Email as a marketing channel has been delivering some remarkable results for businesses. Just look at the numbers below:

Furthermore, email marketing is set to unlock more of its potential with the rise of new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), content intelligence (CI), and more. That said, you need to get up-to-date with the latest email marketing trends and level up your strategies to prepare for the growing, highly competitive space.

If you’re on the road to becoming the best email marketer around, you need to keep your eye peeled for the latest techniques. Being aware of the most recent email marketing trends and tools can help improve your strategies and get you ahead of the competition. This helpful visual guide from Connext Digital breaks down the emerging trends the industry has in store for 2019 and beyond.

Email Marketing Trends