Email Marketing - Delivery Insights [Infographic]


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Email Marketing is still top dawn when it comes to online marketing performance. But navigating the seas off email delivery challenges can be difficult.  

In our handy infographic here, we've highlighted the top steps you can take to improve your sending reputation — and increase the chance of getting to the inbox.  

The time of day and day of the week can also dramatically impact overall email campaign response rates – see below for tips in when people are more likely to open and respond to email.  Keep in mind though – that every audience is different.  Best bet is to test different times to see what timing your audience prefers. You might also like our handy Infographic  on Email Spam Issues explains how people react to spam, and how spamming – whether intentional or unintended – can impact your brand.

( download pdf of 'Email Delivery Insights here )


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