Best Time To Send Email Newsletters in 2024


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Selecting the perfect moment to dispatch your email newsletters is a strategic puzzle. In a world where your subscribers juggle busy lives, aligning your messages with their receptive moments is crucial. Dive into the nuances of timing, discover the conventional wisdom, scrutinize our 2022/2023 data insights, and explore factors that shape email marketing success.

Decoding Conventional Wisdom on Email Timing

Monday: A Mixed Bag Monday, often seen as the unwelcome start of the workweek, traditionally raises concerns among email marketers. Yet, our 2023 data challenges this notion, hinting that it can still yield surprisingly high open rates. The day may be recovering its lost charm.

Midweek Comfort Zone Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday emerge as the midweek sweet spot. As subscribers settle into their routines, midweek emails garner consistent engagement. These days offer the perfect balance between the week's start and its eventual wind-down.

Friday Dynamics Friday, the gateway to the weekend, offers a unique opportunity. While many are in weekend mode, our data suggests Friday at lunchtime can be an unexpectedly favorable slot. An email during the Friday lunch rush might just hit the sweet spot.

Weekend Conundrum Navigating the weekend requires finesse. Cultural nuances influence email habits, with some regions favoring weekend disengagement. Yet, exceptions exist, such as Sunday evenings in the United States, ideal for preparing for the upcoming workweek. The weekend landscape demands a tailored approach.

Unearthing Data Gems: Best Days and Times

The Weekday Saga

Our analysis of over a million campaigns exposes weekday trends. Tuesdays and Wednesdays lead in popularity, while Sunday and Monday see fewer campaigns. Despite this, open rates remain surprisingly consistent throughout the week. The weekday choice hinges on the delicate balance between competition and engagement.

Timing Triumphs

Examining open rates unveils intriguing insights. While Saturday boasts the highest open rates, fewer emails compete for attention. For a balanced view, analyzing the total open rate positions Thursday and Monday as prime choices. The battle isn't just about open rates; it's about standing out in the crowd.

Hourly Highs

Delving into each weekday's hourly patterns uncovers optimal send times. The sweet spot, between 10 AM-12 PM, stands out as subscribers settle into their day. Surprisingly, a notable spike emerges between 1 AM-2 AM. The wee hours are not as dormant as once thought.

Crafting the Perfect Time: Day-by-Day Insights

Monday Momentum (Best Time: 11 AM) Monday's peak at 11 AM, with a bonus boost at 6 PM, aligns with subscribers shaking off the "Monday blues." The early afternoon may be the optimal intersection of revived energy and focus.

Terrific Tuesday (Best Time: 12 PM) Tuesday's pinnacle at noon sees additional spikes at 1 AM-2 AM and 7 AM-8 AM, offering varied engagement windows. The lunch hour proves golden, with subscribers fully engaged and receptive.

Wednesday Wonder (Best Time: 12 PM) Wednesday mirrors Tuesday's patterns, with the 2 PM decline reflecting midweek task focus. The midday sweet spot remains an undisputed champion.

Thursday Thrive (Best Time: 12 PM) Thursday maintains the 12 PM peak, accompanied by spikes at 2 AM and 7 AM-8 AM, persisting consistently till 9 PM. The day unfolds as a canvas of consistent engagement.

Friday Finesse (Best Time: 10 AM-12 PM) Friday's consistent high open rates from 10 AM-12 PM capture pre-weekend attention. The balance between work commitments and weekend anticipation creates a favorable environment.

Saturday's Surprise (Best Time: 11 AM) Saturday mimics weekday patterns, peaking at 11 AM before gradually declining. The weekend scenario allows for a more relaxed engagement pace.

Sunday Shift (Best Time: Midday & Evening) Sunday diverges with a midday bump and an evening uptick, catering to varied subscriber habits. The day unfolds, offering strategic windows for engagement.

Strategies Beyond Timing: Goals, Content, and Audience

Aligning Timing with Goals

Changing timing to match email goals—deep engagement, quick scans, or reminder messages—ensuring your audience's receptiveness aligns with your campaign objectives. Every goal has its optimal moment.

Content-Driven Timing

Different content types thrive at specific times. News updates benefit from swift delivery, while B2B promotions align with work hours. Understand your message and match it to optimal delivery times. Timing your content's relevance is as crucial as the timing of its delivery.

Audience-Centric Timing

Consider your audience's device preferences and daily routines. Mobile users may peak late at night or on weekends. Or perhaps your primary audience is not a 9-to-5 business person, but rather a remote worker, a stay-at-home parent, or retired. Use this to your advantage by understanding their email habits and sending them newsletters at a time of day that works best for them. Tailoring your timing to your audience’s unique habits ensures higher receptivity.

The Verdict on Timing: A Minor Detail in a Broader Strategy

While timing is a factor, content quality remains paramount. Delivering a top-notch experience takes precedence over adhering strictly to dates and times. Consistency and reader anticipation trump perfect timing. Subscribers are creatures of habit, and building a routine around your emails fosters trust and engagement.

Parting Wisdom: Key Takeaways

Audience-Centric Approach: Step into your audience's shoes to decode daily habits and routines. Understanding your subscribers' lives ensures your emails resonate with their moments of availability.

Weekday vs. Weekend Dynamics: Choose weekdays for higher open and click rates, and reserve weekends for undivided attention. The delicate dance between competition and engagement depends on your audience's lifestyle.

Goal-Driven Timing: Tailor timing to your campaign goals—deep engagement, quick scans, or reminders. Every goal has its optimal moment, and your timing should align with your desired audience response.

Content Context: Time your emails based on content type—news, promotions, or engagement-focused. The nature of your message influences the optimal moment for delivery. Align your content with your subscribers' expectations.

Mobile vs. Desktop: Acknowledge that ideal timing may differ for mobile users, who tend to be more active late in the evening and during weekends. Catering to diverse device habits enhances your overall engagement.

Timing Beyond the Clock

In the world of email marketing, timing is but one partner. It complements the music of content, relevance, and strategy. The goal is not just to hit inboxes at the right time but to create a symphony of experiences that captivate your audience. So, if a deadline is looming and you're not satisfied with your email, wait until it's ready. It's better to deliver a quality experience than to sacrifice it for the sake of a specific date and time. When your readers eagerly await your newsletters, the timing becomes less relevant, and the content takes center stage. Pinpointe is one of the best customer engagement platforms that gives the accessibility to utilize best features to schedule your timely email campaigns and engage your audience at the right time and that too with best deliverability ratio. Let’s take off by scheduling a free demo with Pinpointe experts anytime.