INFOGRAPHIC | 7 E-commerce Email Tips to Fuel Sales for Your Business


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Holy Mantras to Fuel Sales for your Business

Is social media the best way to engage your prospects and customers? Well, it might be trending, but nothing beats good old email marketing especially when it comes to the e-commerce industry. Research by Custora states that email marketing accounts for around 7% of e-commerce user acquisitions, second only to search, which tops the list with 15.8%.

Leave no stone unturned as you design your e-commerce email campaign. Here are the nuts and bolts you will need to assemble it to perfection- 'Ecommerce Email Marketing Best Practices – Holy Mantras to Fuel Sales for your Business.'

  1. Mobile Matters: 56% emails are now opened on mobile devices per a Litmus study. Hence, incorporating a responsive design for your e-commerce email marketing strategy is pivotal.
  2. Subject Line Specifics: Subject lines that are to the point get better open, and click-through rates and so do those that are creative. Symbols, too, have a positive impact on the open rates of e-commerce emails.
  3. Perks of Personalization: Personalized promotional emails enjoy a 29% higher unique open rate as compared to non-personalized ones per Experian. Despite this fact, 70% brands are still not personalizing their emails.
  4. Intriguing Incentives: Discounts, discount coupons, and free shipping options enhance click-through rates and conversions. In fact, 70% of people to whom discount offers or coupons are sent, make use of the offer!
  5. Tapping the Ideal Time: Emails sent at around 10 AM get the most opens and clicks, but recipients engage more with promotional emails only in the later part of the day. Also remember that sending too many emails may turn your customers off.
  6. Testing Terms: Test your emails before sending them out to your prospective clients; you don't want all your efforts to go down the drain!
  7. Automation Angle: The best way to nurture leads is through email automation. Wherever your clients and prospects are in the customer lifecycle, whichever list they belong to, you can methodically send relevant content and stay in touch through automated emails.

From hard-hitting statistics to the nitty-gritty of an impressive e-commerce email campaign, find every detail you ever wanted to know in this latest infographic created by our friends at EmailMonks.